Serene Principality of Zilaresco
FlagZilaresco ArmsZilaresco

Flag and Arms of Zilaresco

Motto:Tomorrow Is Our Charge

Map of Zilaresco

Largest City:Selvanesco
Government:Constitutional Monarchy

- Prince: Alvar Montejo III

Legislature:- Upper House:

- Lower House:

State religion:Church of The Stallion
Geography & Demographics
Population:9 million (90% Men)
Currency:Zilarescan Ducat(?)
Work In Progress
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The Serene Principality of Zilaresco is the eastern most nation on the Altane Coast, in the south of The Gloaming North. It is renown for the great strides in science and technology created by its citizens, which have resulted in such wonders as the skyscrapers in the nation's capitals and the Trans-Altane Express, which connects three nations.


Rolento the Sylvan (1320 B.S.R.)Edit

Conversion to The Stallion (100 S.R.)Edit

The Ride to End Giant Aggression (1025 - 1041 S.R.)Edit

The Electric Revolution (1925 S.R.)Edit

The Ecstasy of Suspiria (1930 - 1980 S.R.)Edit

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