Old Wilusha

Traditional Banner of the Wilushan People


Map of Wilusha

Official languages:Ancient Wilusic
Government:Decentralised Tribes
Legislature:Elder Circles
Part of:- At present: FlagLuddovicoSmall Luddovicco

- Past: AlteanEmpireStandard Altean Empire

State religion:Nhж`wiy
Formation:2819 B.S.R. (factuality unknown)
Conquered:approx. 2758 B.S.R. by the Altean Empire
Geography & Demographics
Ethnic groups:Wilusic Peoples
Currency:Valuables such as gold, ivory and gemstones (As per archaeological evidence)(?)
Work In Progress
This article is still being written. Please consult the other authors working on this project before editing.

This article is about the historical nation of Wilusha, to read more about the modern Wilushan people, see: Wilushan people
The first nation of the Wilusic people, tales recall its swift conquest by the Altean Empire. According to legend, those not enslaved by the new rulers undertook a great migration northwest to live with their far-reaching kin on the island of Takw'ycta.

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