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Tales of Madness is a forum based role playing game and setting. Its setting is cobbled together from varying periods of real world history, mixed with a great deal of fantasy. This wiki is primarily dedicated to collecting and organizing setting information. The forum can be found here.

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Vuscovi language


Vuscovi (Yѡi Ѵuscoѵo`бaѧto [jʌ.wiː.ˌvʊs.ko.vɔː.ˈbɑː]) is a Wilusic language spoken in the nations of Tyvic and Vasque. It derives its vocabulary from ancient Wilusic, with prior descendants assumed to be ancient languages of the Shining South, much like the two other language families of The Gloaming North. Vuscovi features many regional dialects, with creoles widely spoken beyond the borders of the Vuscovi fatherland, including Empearvin, Voovin, Vuscoran and Emerian... Read More