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Welcome to the Tales of Madness Wiki

The constantly expanding, eternally unfinished wiki dedicated to collecting Tales of Madness lore

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Tales of Madness is a forum based role playing game and setting. Its setting is cobbled together from varying periods of real world history, mixed with a great deal of fantasy. This wiki is primarily dedicated to collecting and organizing setting information. The forum can be found here.

We are currently editing 239 articles.

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The city that pierces the clouds and illuminates the dark, my own, my Selvanesco.

–Ciro Paradiso

The capital of Zilaresco is the largest city in The Gloaming North, it is a veritable nation unto itself and the beating heart of the north's industrial revolution. Founded in the later days of the bygone Altean Empire by the hero Rolento the Sylvan at the mouth of three rivers, it... Read More

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