FlagSuddesco2X ArmsSuddesco

State Flag and Arms of Suddesco

Map of Suddesco

Official languages:Daltan

- Queen: Mercedes Sancha

Legislature:- Upper House:

- Lower House:

State religion:Church of the Stallion
Geography & Demographics
Population:1.25 million (99% Men)
Ethnic groups:Daltane
GNP:đ3,164,000 (10th)
GNP per capita:đ2.53 (17th)
Core industries:Trade, research & education, seafood, naval components
Primary imports:Grain, cotton & textiles, military hardware, lumber
Work In Progress
This article is still being written. Please consult the other authors working on this project before editing.

If Delvarran culture established the relative “softness” of Daltane men, Suddesco is responsible for the perception of Daltane women being strong and pitiless. Decades of raids and attempts to conquer the island from both Zilaresco and Nevira forced the Suddescans to dispose with concept of hereditary rulership and nepotism of any kind. They developed a fierce meritocracy wherein physical prowess and mental fortitude are prized above other traits. The trials and challenges involved in claiming positions of leadership in Suddescan society are entirely too much work for the dandified men who prefer to spend their time fishing and hunting, and so the women have taken up the slack.

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