"Glass Jane" Orsatti
Champion of the Cat
Date of birth:1894 S.R.
Date of death:Disappeared 1933 S.R.
Occupation History
Affiliations:The Cat
Work In Progress
This article is still being written. Please consult the other authors working on this project before editing.

Jane Orsatti, popularly known as Glass Jane, was a Zilarescan adventuress known for her many expeditions to the Dreaming West. Famously, it is told that after being granted an audience with The Cat, she somehow managed to steal one of his nine lives. Amused, The beast god named her as his champion after transforming her hands into living glass as a punishment. Her untimely disappearance 1933 S.R. is still a matter of speculation in her homeland, while her many tales of the Dreaming West are some of the only known accounts of the mysterious continent in the North. She was inducted into the Lodge di Magia in 1999 S.R., though it is unclear if she was actually in attendance or if it was simply an honorary gesture.

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