Map of Gloomlands

Largest City:Ontuaak
Official languages:Baishii
State religion:Solar Shamanism
Geography & Demographics
Area:~270,000 sq. mi
Population:200,000 (75% Men)
Ethnic groups:Baishii
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A harsh land where the sun rarely shines, the Gloomlands dominate the inland coast of the Dreaming West, and suffer from being the primary land route to Baishi through which raiders and the eastbound terrors of the Dreaming Lands travel on their way to richer lands, as well as being the favored stomping grounds for warring gangs of giants. The Men of the Gloomlands have developed desperate traditions to protect themselves: in their settlements the undead outnumber the living. The accomplished Necromancers and their mistress the Thrall-Queen have seemingly mastered their art, and now the dead do all the heavy labor and stand watch over their living kin. While the Thrall-Queen rules over the Necromancers and the dead, the living are ruled by the Negus from his citadel at Ontuaak, a squat, sturdy fortress that has withstood the abominations, the Giants, and the Anharr for years.

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