Edison and Nicholas
The Swift Brothers, "The Emirs of Electricity"
Date of birth:1900 S.R.
Date of death:1962 S.R. (Edison), 1979 S.R. (Nicholas)
Age:62 (Edison), 79 (Nicholas)
Occupation History
Education:Universita di Sylvan, Selvanesco
Work In Progress
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The Swift Brothers were the geniuses behind the development of electric power in The Gloaming North. They held numerous patents for their inventions, including the electric light, the electric fan, the dry cell battery, and the tide-powered turbine. In the latter half of their lives, they devoted enormous resources to purchasing their adolescent haunt, a rocky island off the coast of Selvanesco, and transforming it into the power plant and laboratory space that would be known as Swift's Electric Island.

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